Day-to-day we find ourselves in situations of waiting: in a queue, at the doctor’s, for the train to come, waiting in front of the computer while booting or in Internet-Country while loading a page. As a (motion-)designer I also often find myself waiting around: rendertime, data, constantly moving job assignments. So I have to twiddle my thumbs and ironically specialized in waiting by comparison, because

≫ Waiting is like loading a desired situation ≪

What do you do, when you find yourself in the same situations again and again and again? I thought I’d make a project out of it to smarten and lovelify everydays situations of waiting. Especially in Digitalburg they seem pretty boring and annoying sometimes. I’m in favour of giving more attention to these short moments, making them more valued, felt shorter and at least more diverting.
Short version of the text above: Here we go with some quite fun new sort of preloaders!
Animation, UI, Interaction, free project
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